Our Methodology

Experience has proven that working with our clients as a team provides a platform for overcoming all challenges. This is especially true when embarking upon projects designed to improve and change the way companies operate.

Dynamic System Solutions Methodology provides a structured approach to customer requirements. Our methodology ensures that projects are carried out to achieve the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our methodology can be defined as a collection of guidelines, templates, forms and checklists used over the project life cycle.


Dynamic System Solutions helps you identify "value" and potential problem areas in business. We create opportunities through a comprehensive review of your BI assets. Our IT strategy team designs a plan based on compelling business needs at optimum costs to deliver invaluable business insights.


For every technology adoption, there is either, a strategic goal to be achieved by the business, or an urgent problem that requires addressing. Our methodology is to gain an understanding of the goals or problems our customers face, and find the best technology fit for them.


Much like a builder of a house lays down the foundations to ensure a stable construction, Dynamic System Solutions design solutions with a platform based approach, designed to ensure the proposed technology has the required underlying platform to ensure the strategic goals of the project can be addressed.


The Dynamic System Solutions methodology for implementing projects is to use the tools of project management and technology delivery to provide the most efficient outcomes; we design and develop the solutions based on your business requirement using a well-defined methodology. Dynamic System Solutions believes the best projects are measured by achieving the desired results set-out by the goals of the business.

Support and Maintenance

Our team is committed to provide customer satisfaction. We not only maintain key business functions but also seek to improve them to help you move ahead of the competition.

Our maintenance program is executed with a proven methodology by a team of skilled technology experts. The program takes over complete ownership of application maintenance and adheres to customer defined Service Level Agreements.

Project Management

Dynamic System Solutions has established a Project Management Office to provide an oversight on all Customer engagements. Our project management team develops disciplined processes for all phases of a project. Dynamic System Solutions' established methodology combined with a phased project management approach facilitates a project governance model that assesses risks and identifies both triggers and mitigation. Our post-project evaluations provide the basis for continued process improvement.