Business Process Re-engineering & Automation

Business Process Reengineering involves changes in structures and in processes within the business environment. The entire technological, human, and organizational dimensions may be changed in BPR. Information Technology plays a major role in Business Process Reengineering as it provides office automation, it allows the business to be conducted in different locations, provides flexibility in manufacturing, permits quicker delivery to customers and supports rapid and paperless transactions. In general it allows an efficient and effective change in the manner in which work is performed.

One major solution offer by DSS in this field is Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is a Business Collaboration Platform, a kind of one stop shop for all your information worker needs.

5 Ways To Save Money With SharePoint

  1. Reduce IT costs and complexity:
    • Consolidating multiple product investments into a single infrastructure.
    • Reducing infrastructure and support costs.
    • Getting all your enterprise solutions under a single product license.
  2. Reduce development costs:
    • Using comprehensive out-of-the-box components.
    • Using built-in integration with the Microsoft Office 2010 suite.
    • Using the .NET Framework object models to reduce learning curves and development time.
  3. Simplify management and training:
    • Providing a single, easy-to-use interface for end users and for IT administration and governance.
  4. Improve employee productivity :
    • Collaboration workspaces.
    • Self-service Web publishing.
    • Social computing features.
    • Business process workflow and forms.
  5. Enhance the effectiveness of customer service and sales teams:
    • Aggregating critical information from across the enterprise .
    • Providing rapid, easy access to information.