Customer Relationship Management

Almost every organisation needs some method of managing their client relationships. Previously, dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems were out of reach of small to medium size enterprises (SMEs), however Microsoft has entered the value end of the market with Microsoft CRM.

Now in its 5th generation, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a mature product with a faster growing market share than any other Customer Relationship Management software in the world. Microsoft CRM 2011 brings new levels of customer intelligence, providing every customer-facing employee the information they need to truly impress customers.

Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM encompasses all the best practices of CRM, with all the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality you’d expect from Microsoft. It’s a solution that works the way you do, the way your business does, and the way technology should. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help:

  1. Increase sales success
    • Shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates with leads and opportunity management, automated sales processes, quote creation, and order management.
  2. Deliver efficient, consistent customer service
    • A shared knowledge base and automated routing and queuing make it easy to serve customers efficiently.
  3. Make informed, agile decisions
    • Comprehensive reports let you forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, evaluate sales and service success, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities.
  4. Work from Outlook or the Web
    • Access full sales functionality online or offline through Microsoft Outlook, or work online from any location using a Web browser.
  5. Share information
    • Tightly integrated Sales and Customer Service functionality makes it easy to view, update, and share information across teams and departments.
  6. Use easily
    • Designed for ease of use, Microsoft CRM ensures that sales teams get started fast.
  7. Customize and scale easily
    • Configure user interfaces and workflow processes, customize the solution to fit your business, and scale the installation to meet changing needs.
  8. Integrate powerfully
    • Integrate with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business Solutions Financials, and other business systems.