Portal & Collaboration

Portals and Collaboration Services provide services and software to create web portals and collaboration solutions. We work with you to understand your business requirements for collaboration and communication among employees, customers and external partners. We design a portal and collaboration solution that meets your needs and is flexible enough to meet future needs. We implement the solution. And we manage and support it on an ongoing basis.

Infogain's SharePoint Services
Infogain’s SharePoint Services encompass the spectrum of offerings from initial validation and planning to architecture and design; to developer and user training; to implementation, adoption and change management; to SLA/availability planning; to service governance/PMO.

With Infogain, you will discover the ultimate value behind your SharePoint investment, learning how it can work with your existing environment and beyond. Key strengths include:

  1. Proven Strategy for SharePoint Governance:
    • Infogain has completed several projects involving the creation of an internal SharePoint service offering, including development of governance plans, information architectures, service level agreements, environmental metrics to judge performance, as well as support models and organizational structures.
  2. System Integration Expertise:
    • We have deep experience in architecting SOA visions and solutions for clients. Our versatility and depth of experience allows us to come in and work at an enterprise level in connecting a SharePoint solution with as many systems as necessary without increasing support—driving end user productivity.
  3. Microsoft Software and .Net Knowledge:
    • Infogain has skilled developers and architects that build complex solutions using Microsoft products such as SharePoint, BizTalk, MS SQL Server, etc. We have also built many custom solutions using .NET, including custom web parts.
  4. Business Process Optimization:
    • Our consulting team has experience documenting and streamlining business processes in various areas across multiple SharePoint projects. This ability, paired with our knowledge of SharePoint’s versatility and ability to optimize processes through online collaboration, is one key to our clients’ successes.